FEBRUARY 24TH  9am -  5pm  PST | noon - 8pm EST

Conversations with EXPERTS to nourish your fertility journey

Tune into the Virtual Retreat at any time on February 24th! Recordings will be available if you can't attend live.


FAQ section:

Commonly Asked Questions
Do I need to be on the computer all day for this event?

Not at all! You can pop into the retreat at any time over the course of the day. Listen while you're in the car, exercising, or at work. If you can only join for an hour — or something comes up and you have to leave at any time— that's totally fine.
We have an amazing line up for you, and you'll learn so much about natural fertility and conception support by attending this event. So we recommend tuning in for as much as you can.

Will I have to participate in the retreat? Will anyone be able to see me?

Nope. When you log onto this event, your video & microphone will be off (and, if you want total privacy, you don't have to use your full name, either).
You'll have the option to ask questions and talk in the chat box, but that's totally optional.

Can I watch the retreat another time?

Yes! When you register, you'll have the option to buy the Complete Package of All the Recordings, and get exclusive access to the Fireside Chat Q&A with the Natural Fertility Experts, for just $47. The event is free to attend live, but if you want to watch it again or at another time, you can purchase the Complete Package.

Cultivate Fertility Founders

Dr. Kara Burkhart and Dr. Hillary Fredrickson

Cultivate Fertility was born from over 30 years of clinical medical practice in women's health and pediatrics. We are specialists in natural medicine, dietary supplements, nutrition, and acupuncture. Our digital courses and mentorship programs walk you through the ins, outs and whys of dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle choices that can directly influence your ability to conceive.

Our mission is to help you plant seeds to help you grow your happiest and healthiest family.


This gathering of experts will inspire you to make lifestyle choices that influence your fertility, pregnancy and the health of your future baby
Learn tried and true strategies for optimizing natural fertility through food, nutrition, mindfulness, and cultivating happiness.

What You'll Learn:


We’re talking…

😌 How to reduce stress for a calm & joyful fertility journey

✅ All things hormones - lab testing and when to see your doctor - Hear from expert OB/Gyn

👀 Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for fertility

💥Overcoming endometriosis through targeting inflammation

🥗 Using food as medicine for hormone balance with PCOS

🔆Naturopathic Physician Fertility Specialists herbs and supplements for egg quality

💟The connection between gut health, your microbiome, and fertility

🥑 The best nutrition for getting pregnant with superfood guru, Founder of Urban Remedy

🍓Importance of detox and cleansing before getting pregnant

🌱Regulating blood sugar through diet to help hormone balance

💕 Share closeness with your partner as you prepare for pregnancy and family life together

🌟 How yoga, meditation can empower women throughout pregnancy

✴️ Keeping your vibration high by looking for inspiration from women who have overcome infertility

We’re ready for women to walk away from this event feeling newly empowered, confident in their bodies, and EXCITED for the journey ahead! 


Top Experts in Fertility, Nutrition, Hormones, and Mindfulness

Belinda Kirkpatrick, ND

Author of 'Healthy Hormones'

Karen Jeffries

Author of Hilariously Infertile

Neka Pasquale LAc. MS

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Author and the Founder of 'Urban Remedy'

Sarah Heywood

Founder of 'The Journey'

Ana Zaharia

Host of the Astrology Hub Parenting Podcast - [Seeds of Light] 

Katherine Pascucci, DO

Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Janelle Luk

Casey Seiden MS, RD, CDN, CDCES

Dietician and Diabetes Educator

Carissa Spada

Fertility Yoga and Meditation Coach

Kara Burkhart, ND, LAc, FABORM

Co-Founder, Cultivate Fertility


Conversations with EXPERTS to nourish your fertility journey

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